An interview with Peggy’s Family Farm

We caught up with Glen Black from Peggy’s Family Farm for this interview.

Tell us a bit about what you do!

“I grow seasonal veg as part of a veg-box scheme from June-October as well as making homemade jams and chutneys using my own fruit/veg or sourced as locally as possible.

I’ve always loved growing things from seed and seeing the bounty at the end of the year. My grandparents had both done the same so I’ve learned a lot from them, hence the name after my granny (Peggy).

Lockdown made me realise that it was something that I wanted to take more seriously and help supplement my income.”

“I have a passion for what I do and something I want to expand on and someday make my full time job.”

— Glen Black, Peggy\’s Family Farm

What are you currently growing on your farm?

“All the usual seasonal crops, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, lettuce, cucumber, kale, chard, onions etc.”

What does sustainability mean to you?

“I have done my best to spend more on good quality products, tools and reuse as much as possible. Soil health is very important to me and always adding back to what I’ve taken away. The veg box scheme lets me plan what I need to grow leaving little waste.”

What are some food or farming businesses you\’re inspired by?

“Farms like Tap o Noth in Scotland, Jubilee in Antrim and others from YouTube channels.”